About Job Search Clubs

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About Job Search Clubs

Job search clubs are one way for young people to become active and involved in the job search process.

A job search club is an active employment measure whose purpose is to provide the unemployed person with continuous job search assistance. In cooperation with the Federal Employment Bureau, the Employment Bureau of Republika Srpska, the Employment Bureau of the Brcko District of BiH and the cantonal employment services, YEP has introduced an active measure “Job Search Club” which is implemented in 28 employment offices.

The Job Search Club model is unique with its special plan and program. The job search club prepares unemployed young people to respond best to employers’ demands. Unemployed people in the Club adopt the basics of business communication, realize the importance of teamwork and group support in finding a job. Through a three-week training, members acquire knowledge and skills relevant to job search that will further affect their self-confidence and motivation.

The job search club is an interactive experience for young people and this is exactly what makes it different from typical training programs. The Club is a combination of skills development, discipline in the job search process and support and this is what sets the Job Search Club methodology apart from other methods. At the same time, the Club is not only training on writing CVs, searching ads, simulating conversations with the employer, but also group support of other unemployed and counselors in the Club who have one common goal – to find a job in the shortest possible time. In order to encourage counselors working in Job Search Clubs, YEP has established a Club performance measurement system that compares the performance of Clubs based on set indicators such as the number of unemployed trained, their level of job search activity and ultimately the number of employed young people.

Since the beginning of the establishment of this active measure, 9709 (3818 men and 5891 women) have gone through the Clubs program, and out of the total number of participants 4297 (1704 men, 2593 women) have found employment 6 months after or during the program in the Club, which is an average that is very good and exceeds the vast majority of active measures implemented in BiH. (February 2019).