Employment Services Forum

exchange of experiences between employment services in BiH and the region.

Employment Services Forum

Organized by the BiH Labor and Employment Agency and the Youth Employment Project (YEP), with the support of the Government of Switzerland, a Forum of Employment Services is being organized with the aim of exchanging experiences between employment services in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

The main reason for organizing the Forum is the constant lack of dialogue in the field of employment and reform of public employment services. The lack of communication, and thus cooperation, does not enable synergy, upgrading or development of effective policies and measures in this area.

The forerunner of this Forum is the Youth Employment Forum. The problems of young people and their employment are listed as priorities in strategic documents at all levels of decision-making in the employment sector, but the impression is that the general public in BiH is not sufficiently informed about this. In order to inform the general public and raise awareness on youth issues, in cooperation with its partners, YEP organized 12 Youth Employment Forums by the end of the second phase of the Project (by the end of March 2016), periodic one-day events designed as a gathering place for all leading actors youth employment in BiH.

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