Entrepreneur Ajla Kreso – Hair salon Moa MoAaa Town of Mostar

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‘There is no happiness greater than being able to make a living from doing the job you like best.’

‘Moa MoAaa’, a hairdresser’s of unusual name, pleasant ambiance and professionalism

A hairdresser’s of unusual name ‘Moa MoAaa’ is located at the very centre of Mostar, where the owner Ajla Kreso works alone as male and female hairstylist. Young as she is, she’s got the skills and a long-time experience in her job.

Ajla worked a long time as a hairstylist and, after she got children, she decided to help her husband with their family business, a well-known pizza restaurant in Mostar.  However, she missed her job all the time, and after several years of working in the pizza restaurant she decided to return to her original job and open a hair salon.

She soon learnt about the YEP Incubator and decided to apply, mainly because she needed an assistance in drafting a business plan but investments as well.  Through the training that was, as she said, confusing in the beginning, she learnt how to remove certain dilemmas regarding running a business and how to have an entrepreneurial mentality.

‘The greatest challenge was dealing with paperwork related to the registration of the salon as soon as possible, so that she may start to work immediately after.  Ajla had a great wish to invest as much as possible and make something different and original, something people would notice as soon as they set foot into the salon – the home atmosphere.  To create such an atmosphere, it took her time, energy and creativity to furnish the salon, which at times took a lot of energy.  Exhausted but happy, she eventually opened her hair salon and welcomed her first customers with a smile.  It has been like that for nine months now.  The business has grown; there are a lot of regular customers, as well as an increasing number of accidental passers-by and tourists.

As she says, she could not do any other job and her advice to all people is to determine what they like to do and do their best efforts to accomplish it.  ‘There is no happiness greater than being able to make a living from doing the job you like best.’ Her goal is to hire one more person to work in the salon.