Entrepreneur Dragan Bumbić Production of souvenirs and artworks ‘Al Presa’ City of Trebinje

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‘The basis of every successful business is a good idea.’

A unique world of souvenirs in Trebinje

‘Al Presa’ is a company involved in production and distribution of unique souvenirs for tourists.  Mr Dragan Bumbić stands behind the whole idea, and he has been manufacturing and selling souvenirs for 20 years.  The main Al Presa product is hand-made pictures with sand, manufactured in a very specific way.  Two pieces of glass are glued together leaving 1 cm gap in the corner, to be filled with the following: Sand, water, paint and detergent.  pijesak, voda, boja i deterdžent. After that, the two glasses are entirely closed to prevent air to get in or the liquid to get out.  Every time the glass is turned i.e. the sand moved, a new picture is created.

In cooperation with experts and other business starters within YEP Incubator, Dragan developed his idea and created the business plan, and purchased the necessary material using the financial support.

In in accordance with the business plan, which he created within the programme, Dragan is planning to hire at least one person to accomplish his planned production and sales of souvenirs.  With a good marketing and a shop in the town centre, Dragan believes that Al Presa could expand its assortment next year.  At present, he is working hard to on preparations and production to get completely ready for the next tourist season.