Entrepreneur Džana Hamedović – Designer studio ‘Kloko’ City of Zenica


‘Follow your dreams, learn a lot, work hard and use the given opportunities.’

Designer studio ‘Kloko’ – ergonomic baby carriers

Ms Džana Hamedović from Zenica established a designer studio named ‘Kloko’, which has an interesting product – ergonomic, modern design baby carriers. The production of this, at present only product of this designer studio, requires a full attention and devotion to details.

Džana has been involved in creative work for 20 years now.  She has been developing the skills at different techniques and fields since her childhood.  Since her university, fashion design has been something that fulfils Džana in her free time. She has exhibited her creations in many fashion shows in the country and abroad.  It used to be just a hobby as she is an English teacher by vocation with 15 years of experience in teaching.  In the beginning, she would make baby carriers for her friends only. However, as the demand increased, she decided to expand the production.  Her baby carrier was named ‘Kloko’, as an allusion to ‘klokan’ (kangaroo), the animal well-known for its pouch in which it carries the joeys.

‘When I started negotiating with a company on production of the baby carriers I design, the YEP Business Idea Incubator happened.  That was the right moment to rise to a higher level and get a professional support I needed as I had never been involved in entrepreneurship before’, Džana says.

She decided to terminate the negotiations as she believed that the training within the YEP Incubator could be useful and offer a professional assistance, development of a business plan and financial support.  Today she still believes it was a good idea because, owing to the project, she can clearly define the short- and long-term business goals and organise production and sales in an adequate way.

The long-term goal is to establish a serial production that would be larger than at present but also to expand the sales network outside the Bosnia-Herzegovina market.