Entrepreneur Ivan Marić – Sunkissed tanning and beauty studio City of Mostar

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‘Sunkissed’ tanning and beauty studio for the beauty of Mostar women

‘Sunkissed’ tanning and beauty studio was opened in April this year. Its atmosphere is very pleasant and modern. The owner is Ivan Marić, a young economist whose formal education is about entrepreneurship and marketing.  He gained a long-time experience in beauty treatment jobs since he worked in another beauty studio with the similar offer before he opened this one.  He realized he wanted to offer somewhat different services and attract clients with the state-of-the-art tanning equipment and the highest makeup and beauty treatment standards.

Together with his wife, he established the studio, recording significant business results in the first period.

The challenge in setting up the business was to provide funds for purchasing the equipment and reconstruction of the studio because a special technical permit is required for this type of industry.  Ivan is an economist and therefore well acquainted with creating a business plan and rules of entrepreneurship.  However, he says that the training he received within YEP Incubator was useful as he got the insight into other methods of creating plans, but also because he was able to have his plan reviewed by a professional in his field and get useful advice. In addition, the financial support meant a lot as he was able to buy spare lamps for indoor tanning to make sure the service is uninterrupted in case of failure.