Entrepreneur Miroslav Pudarić – MAX Art Studio City of Trebinje

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‘If you have a business idea, you need courage to start putting into practice.’

Know-how as the most valuable capital

„MAX art studio“is a photo studio also involved in taking weddings on a camera and making music videos. It has a long-time experience and quality. Miroslav has been involved in photography since his primary school and in 2003, when he started studying in a university; he started to work in a local TV channel.

He soon went to work in another TV channel and was also hired by several private productions, where he learnt everything about filming, video production and organisation.  After 15 years spent in different televisions and private productions, and implementation of a number of special projects, Miroslav decided to set up his own studio.

On the other hand, having in mind that the quality and know-how he possesses is an asset, he needed to work on his business skills.  According to him, this is where the training provided through YEP Business Idea Incubator helped a lot.  He had the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to create a business plan, to carry out market research and analysis and business development plan.  The financial support was also of a great importance, as he needed new studio equipment. Now he is happy to say that he is ready for the new season after the winter.