Entrepreneur Munir Isaković – Nova vizija, Zenica City of Zenica


‘Munir points out that the most important thing to attain a business success is willingness.  His message to all who want to have a private business is to be persistent and work hard, as there is no success otherwise.’

A company employing persons with disabilities manufacturing top products

Company ‘Nova vizija’ (New Vision) offers tailor’s services and sewing different products.  Offered are, among other things, the following:  tablecloths, table runners, chef’s uniforms, kitchen napkins, but also tailor-made sewing as per customer’s sizes and drawings.  In their shop, which is located in a Zenica shopping centre, they produce and sell their products. The shop is equipped with several different sewing machines operated by persons with disabilities.

The initiator of the business is Munir Isaković, who says it all started in 2012, when an association of persons with disabilities was registered with the aim to extend their rights but also to solve their real existential problems.  Munir was the president of the association at the time, and he used to establish, together with his associates, contacts and cooperation with other associations and companies.  Talking to his colleagues, he came up with the idea that the association should offer something more such as setting up a business to contribute to the development of the organisation and its members, who could get a job in this way.  The membership decided to establish the company ‘Nova vizija, which would be involved in sewing different products.

The biggest challenge is marketing due to the unfair competition, and Munir thinks they need more marketing activities to attract more clients. They have managed to have satisfactory results for now but their goal is to expand their capacities and employ more people. The training provided within YEP Incubator was a great support as they had the opportunity to learn how to create a detailed business plan, which was indispensable for obtaining positive results in such a short period of time – from March until now. Munir points out it would be difficult to keep the business running without the financial or mentor support.