Entrepreneur Obrad Stanić – A boat on Trebišnjica River City of Trebinje

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A unique experience of taking a boat tour on Trebišnjica River

‘Boat on Trebišnjica’ is a business project of young Trebinje citizen Obrad Stanić, who has a long-time bond to the river and boats. His idea is to offer a panoramic boat trips across Trebišnjica River to his fellow citizens, but also to an increasing number of tourists. As from the next spring, he will be offering several types of boat trips on different types of ‘barka’ boats.

This young entrepreneur is not a novice in this job; he worked for seven years as a skipper in Banja Luka rafting centre, where he learnt navigation skills and acquired valuable experience. He developed the idea last year, when he talked to a friend about how it would be nice to have a boat in Trebinje to sail it and enjoy in the still Trebišnjica flow and beauties of the town. Still living both in Banja Luka and Trebinje, he heard about YEP Business Idea Incubator and decided to apply. According to him, the Incubator was a great support as he had not known how to write a business plan. The professional as well as financial support was also much appreciated.

The young entrepreneur says he is very happy to have returned to his hometown and started the business and, above all, to have got the support both by YEP and the local community. As he says, it was an additional push as he realized that both recognised and supported his idea.