Entrepreneur Olivera Torbić – Burzika Unique City of Prijedor

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‘Finally, I have the opportunity to work with my sister…and to work with her is half work done. We complement each other, which makes a perfect match.’

Burzika Unique: A unique fashion brand for brave women

In the fashion workshop of sisters Olivera and Seka at Miloša Obilića Street in Prijedor, there are coats of wool and felt, dresses, trousers, shirts with interesting, hand-made details, colourful skirts and scarves.

‘Fashion, clothing and love for ‘cloths’ is inherent in most women. I’ve always loved it. I did some sewing before as well, but only for members of the family and friends. This is not my profession, it’s pure love’ – says Olivera.

Olivera, a telecommunications technician by vocation, worked as an administration officer for years and imagined women wearing clothes she designed.

‘I wasn’t brave enough to start making clothes. It took me several years to voice my wish, but when I finally did, I got support from my family’ she adds.

‘My sister and I opened a second hand shop, and afterwards we began sewing clothes and sell it. When we realised people liked what we did, because it was a bit different and unusual, I started thinking more seriously about running my own business’, recalls Olivera. The sisters were developing their business gradually for a year and got a financial support by the local development agency. In 2018, with the assistance by YEP Business Idea Incubator, they were supported to open their own boutique. Curious women come every day to Burzika to see what pieces of clothing are designed in their town. The brand already has its regular customers, who always find a piece of clothes for themselves.

‘We were hiding the name of the shop for a long time, we wouldn’t tell anybody. We call each other ‘buraz’ (‘bro’). We couldn’t name the shop simply ‘Buraz’, as we are sisters after all, so

we came to this name Burzika, like two sisters, a combination of creativity and common sense, accounts and Italian silk, the ‘bro’ who is an idealist and the ‘bro’ who is a realist.

 To work with my sister means half work done, we complement each other, which makes a perfect match,’ says Olivera.