Entrepreneur Vanina Terzić – Kindergarten ‘Čarolija’ (Magic) City of Bijeljina

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‘At the beginning of every job, it is very important to do your best and invest a maximum of your time, money and effort. If one does a consistently good job, the success is guaranteed.’

Kindergarten ‘Čarolija’ – the Norwegian type of upbringing for Semberija children

The authentic kindergarten ‘Čarolija’ (Magic) brings something new – a productive stay in the kindergarten where, through everyday outdoor activities, imagination, play, learning and physical activities are fostered. The owner, Ms Vanina Terzić, says she spent 16 years in Norway, where she mastered their practices of upbringing and education of children. A preschool teacher by vocation, she applied a good system from Scandinavian countries to children in Bijeljina.

‘I completed my primary and secondary education and graduated from a teacher training college. I worked as a preschool teacher. My husband Miljan and I had always dreamed of coming back to Bosnia and Herzegovina and starting up our own business. Three of our four children went to kindergartens in Norway. We wanted the citizens of Bijeljina to become acquainted with the Norwegian preschool education system. This is how kindergarten ‘Čarolija’ was born.

Through YЕP Incubator, they got an additional professional help and funding and, although the kindergarten has existed only for a year, Vanina says they constantly try to find methods of working more and better.