Entrepreneurs Anela and Armen Ćelebić Chocoloco City of Mostar

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‘Don’t give up your ideas. Be persistent. Every effort pays off.’

The most beautiful homemade cakes

‘Chocoloco’ is a company that produces homemade cakes made of local ingredients. The cakes are sold in different shops in Mostar.

The married couple Anela and Armen Čelebić have started their own business, primarily because they could not find jobs.  They were thinking about what they might do i.e. which business to start and then it occurred to Anela they might make cakes that they would offer to supermarkets and cafes.  So they decided to have a go and shortly after the production of first cakes they managed to conclude an agreement with a shopping centre on delivery of a certain quantity of cakes.

In order to better develop the system of work and their idea, Anela and Armen applied to YEP Incubator of business ideas, where they had the opportunity, with the help of entrepreneurship experts, to acquire the necessary skills, but also create their own business plan. The financial support they received through this program served them for the purchase of cake materials but also the necessary requisites.

Their long-term plan is to provide an adequate space, and they have plenty of ideas.  In the future, they want to buy professional baking ovens, as well as to expand the offer of cakes and, of course, hire more workers.  One of the ideas they would like to put into practice is production of gluten-free cakes. Anela and Armen say they were not ashamed to try doing anything. They think this may be the biggest problem in young people today as it causes the fear from attempting. They have found their opportunity in making homemade cakes and believe they will be able to develop the business. Their message to others is never to give up their ideas, to be persistent and that every effort invested pays off.