Entrepreneurship against the departure of young people

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At the end of 2019, we had about 120 registered businesses and we are currently working on their survival, says Markuš

Bosnia and Herzegovina, we all know that, currently exports much more people than goods, and attracting investments is not going well for us. According to Ranko Markuš, economic expert and head of the YEP Youth Employment Project, we need to attract foreign investments in a better business environment.


  • According to the latest analysis of the World Bank on business, out of 190 countries in the world, BiH occupies the 90th position, ie we are the last ranked European country on that list. When it comes to investments, we have two types of investors – those who already operate in BiH and somehow swim, while the others do not consider BiH interesting for investment, so they decide to invest in the countries of the region, said Markuš in an interview for O kanal and Oslobođenje .

As for employment incentives, Markuš says that they are currently offered by the Employment Service and some ministries, but we are far from key incentives that would attract foreign investors. Given that incentives for employment in our country are small, an increasing number of citizens go abroad, mostly to Germany.

  • The latest reports from the German Employment Service and the Agency for Statistics show that they currently have 1.5 million jobs. Germany has such economic development that it needs a large number of workers, and the fact is that the migrant crisis met certain of their needs, when they received a large number of Syrians who were immediately integrated into German society. At the moment, BiH has signed agreements on the issue of legal, conditionally speaking, employment of medical workers with secondary education, but we see that they are opening borders with the latest opportunities to stay in Germany for six months looking for work, which opens much more opportunities for BiH citizens, says Markuš. he adds that he thinks that the trend of people leaving BiH can no longer be stopped.

Given that he is also the leader of the YEP Project, Markuš says that the goal of the project is to keep young people and encourage the start-up of new businesses. With the support of the Swiss government during 2018 and 2019 and in cooperation with 32 local communities, they created a program that was designed to invite young people who have business ideas, and with them went through a certain process of developing a business plan.

  • Those who came out of that process presented their business plans before the expert commissions and a certain number of them eventually registered their business. At the end of 2019, we had about 120 registered businesses and we are currently working on their survival. Of those 120 businesses, only four or five were closed, two of them due to financial problems, and the rest because they found better and more favorable employment opportunities. We plan to continue these activities in 2020 through the Impact investment foundation, Markuš pointed out.

Source: Oslobodjenje