Mentoring and technical expertise to entrepreneurs

Mentoring and professional support for the development of existing businesses and their entry into foreign markets

Mentoring and technical expertise to entrepreneurs

The approach used by the Impakt Investment Foundation in providing support to business ventures after the establishment and entry into the market is based on long-term professional support that includes expert support in targeted areas, connecting entrepreneurs in functional support networks and development mentoring business. Support is tailored made to his / her specific needs both in terms of content and in terms of the required dynamics and intensity.

Expert support means the time-limited engagement of narrowly specialized experts in areas such as manufacturing/technology, marketing, intellectual property rights, law, bookkeeping, human resource management, etc. The task of these experts is to eliminate clearly defined business problems that are key obstacles to the expansion, profitability or achievement of social business goals. The Foundation has an extensive network of domestic and international experts from a large number of fields, and members of the networks are invited to function in all cases when the expected benefit from business improvement justifies their engagement.

IIF portfolio contains network that includes more than 130 business entities active in a significant number of industries (agriculture and food processing, textiles, metal and wood industry, ICT, tourism and others). The Foundation coordinates the maintenance of regular contacts and identifies opportunities for cooperation between network members. This cooperation includes the exchange of opinions and experiences, sharing information on the market situation (equipment, technologies, suppliers, prices, etc.), establishing direct business relations, and joint market presence with third parties, etc.

Mentoring, as opposed to expert engagement, involves a long-term relationship between start-up, entrepreneurs and/or managers in the industry. The goal of mentoring is a strategic approach to business development where the mentor uses his / her overall life and business experience to support the growth and development of the younger entrepreneur through making strategic business decisions. Mentoring is regular and continuous over a long period – a minimum of 6 months, preferably several years and has a low intensity.

For each entrepreneur, the Foundation identifies and proposes a personal mentor with many years of experience in the respective business area. The goal of the mentoring relationship is the realization of significant leaps in the growth of the newly formed company: development of a new product or product range, the beginning of product placement in a new market, strategic approach in human resources development (especially in the ICT industry), continuous development of a specific model of social entrepreneurship.