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Mentoring support

The Youth Employment Project (YEP) within its support to start or improve business ventures through the Business Support Program / YEP Incubator of Business Ideas, in addition to financial, also offers mentoring support.

Although there are many different ways to answer the question of who a mentor really is, the basic definition we can start with is that a mentor is a special type of helper who works with others in a positive and constructive way so that both the mentor and the one he teaches have growth potential. through a built professional relationship. Many of the things we do in our daily lives that are related to helping others are similar to the role of a mentor. It is the responsibility of mentors to recognize what we do in everyday life and to develop key abilities in other people so that they can perform them in a more efficient way.

Today’s modern approach to human capacity development, whether it is for start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises or the public sector, requires continuous work on developing a wide range of skills. This certainly means constant training, couching and mentoring, and each company chooses the appropriate modalities according to its needs. Running your own business requires different skills at different stages of the business. Young entrepreneurs usually do not have the experience and contacts and do not know how to overcome the many obstacles they encounter. Their companies are the most vulnerable during the first three years of business, and then they need the most help in running a business.

In general, mentors:

provide information and advice based on their experience, knowledge and ideas,
encourage the person to develop their skills in a healthy, positive and constructive way,
are ready to listen to what the problem is, offer honest and positive feedback,
plan with those who monitor and teach how to do their jobs better through challenging or confusing situations,
share different points of view in order for a person to understand a question or problem from as many different angles and ways of thinking as possible,
use multiple perspectives on which decisions can be based in selecting the best of all options by creating an action plan.

Within the Business Support Program / YEP Business Ideas Incubator, mentors work with participants on:

training and coaching for acquiring entrepreneurial skills and competencies,
developing a number of other skills and competencies needed for adequate presentation of their business ideas,
preparation, development and evaluation of business plans and financial projections,
prepare presentations and pitches for investors and the public,
evaluation of a business idea.

Providing help in a way that encourages a person is the key to mentoring and only in that way gives results. A mentor is an individual, ready to become a support person who enters entrepreneurial waters, open to sharing experiences, transferring his / her expertise and a person who develops the need to continue learning as if it were a lifelong adventure.