Performance measurement

philosophy of clubs

Performance measurement

The basic philosophy of job search clubs is a positive message that there is a job for everyone who knows where and how to find it, as well as that job search is a JOB. The job search club builds self-confidence in the unemployed, develops their presentation and job search skills, provides them with advisory services, information on job vacancies, provides assistance in applying for suitable jobs, with the ultimate goal of finding jobs for members.

The work of Job Search Clubs is monitored on the basis of three defined indicators:
1. Number of Club members (20% of the total result) – I1
2. Number of job interviews to which Club members were invited (20% of the total result) – I2
3. Number of employed members of the Club (monitored six months after the end of the program in the Club) (60% of the total result) – I3

Each indicator has defined basic values ​​and goals, which differ from location to location, and in accordance with the local economic situation. Comparing the achieved results with the goals is the way in which the success of the Club is measured, the TOTAL RESULT (published in the ranking list) is calculated, ie its ranking among other locations, according to the following formula:

Achieved result = (Achieved level I1 / CIlj I1) * Weight I1) + (Achieved level I2 / CIlj I2) * Weight I2) + (Achieved level I3 / CIlj I3) * Weight I3

If the location on the RANKING LIST of clubs is marked in green, the Club achieves excellent results (85% of the planned results and more), if the location is marked in yellow, the Club functions optimally and approaches the planned results (55-85%), and if location marked in red The club is working below the expected results (below 55% of the planned results). The ranking list of clubs shows the result in the current year, and by filtering the user can get information about the results from the previous year.