Reform package

“Experimental Bureau” concept

Reform package

Employment services are institutions of public importance and their role is crucial in providing counseling support to the unemployed and employment mediation. Therefore, the Government of Switzerland in BiH through the Youth Employment Project (YEP) decided to provide support to employment services to increase their efficiency through improving services, strengthening cooperation with other actors in the labor market, all with the aim of improving services for the unemployed and employers. .

YEP piloted a new model of work in the Novo Sarajevo offices within JUSZZKS and Doboj, Doboj Branch in JUZZZRS through the implementation of the concept of “Experimental Bureau”. The process of reorganizing the work in accordance with modern practices, which include customer orientation and performance management system, has been carried out in order to provide services primarily to those who need them the most and to ensure that public funds are used efficiently.

The goal is to change the bureau in a physical sense (by renovation and technical equipment), but the focus is on changing work practices. In accordance with the above, according to the new model of work, the following is required:

Divide the work into record keeping and advisory,
Introduction of individual and group counseling,
Organize mediation activities in accordance with the needs of employers,
Train bureau workers to implement new working methods,
Adapt the premises to the new methods of work with a modern counter hall, offices for counselors and a room for group work with the unemployed,
Develop an IT system and introduce a performance monitoring and management system to determine the effects of new working methods.

Practice shows that the introduction of a modern employment service based on pilot initiatives in line with best practices from Europe, can lead to a more efficient system. This approach involves working with field staff (employment offices) to change the organizational structure and system of work, changing the philosophy focused on service users, focusing on work performance, and improving work practices and changing the physical environment.

After the new practices were tested in JUSZZKS in the Novo Sarajevo bureau, the new work model, with the professional and technical assistance of the Youth Employment Project, began to be applied in the Hadžići, Centar, Ilijaš, Stari Grad and Novi Grad bureaus. The development of new working methods also includes training for JUSZZKS employees, so in the period December 2014-February 2015, an introductory training was conducted with the aim that all employees apply the Instructions for work in the municipal office. In order to improve the service of the Employment Service of Sarajevo Canton, but also to reduce the burden of employees with administrative tasks, the website of the Service has been improved and two important channels for communication of the service with clients have been provided; for employers, it is possible to publish advertisements for vacancies free of charge via a website that is in any case available to the unemployed, and a modern Call Center has been introduced. With the support of the Call Center, JUSZZKS clients have the opportunity to quickly and easily check all the necessary information regarding the services by phone or e-mail, and to receive quick, clear and detailed answers.

In the Employment Bureau of the Republic of Srpska, after the new practices were tested by the Experimental Bureau Doboj, they were extended to the Bureau Banja Luka, with the systematization of jobs ZZZRS jobs were divided into administrative and advisory. In order to further reduce the consumption of human resources and the time required for the administrative functions of the Institute (issuance of various certificates, processing of financial benefits, etc.), but also in the future to avoid the situation in Doboj that due to the flood to some extent damaged documentation. internal business processes to introduce a document management system.

The most important step in the whole reform in the work of the services is the introduction of the system for monitoring and measuring the effects in JUZZZRS and JUSZZKS, according to which the institutional goals that are monitored are defined.

The goals are divided into two groups. Efficiency goals that will speed up the process of mediation of the unemployed from the records within 6, 12, 18 and 24 months from the date of registration. In addition, the goal is adequate implementation of the Law on Social Insurance with minimal costs, ie engaged resources. The second group consists of implementation goals and which are divided into five groups, of which the most important is certainly the increase of available human resources for counseling while reducing administrative work, increasing the participation of unemployed in the counseling process, ie the introduction of triage optimization. active job seekers should be included.

The introduction of new practices, training for employees, a system for measuring and monitoring performance, and the improvement of the service’s advisory services together form the “Reform Package” offered to other cantonal services in March 2015, and is currently working with five cantonal services District of BiH carry out activities on impl

Photo: Introductory training for the offices of the Banja Luka Branch (November 2016)