YEP business idea incubator: Fiscalization and new services from DIR Computers d.o.o. Živinice

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From 2018, business entities and citizens from the area of Živinice and Tuzla Canton and beyond, have access to services for mobile phones, laptops and computers through services provided by DIR Computers d.o.o. Živinice, located in the shopping center Aden in Živinice.

Entrepreneurs, brothers Dino and Rizah Đulović, are continuously trying to improve the offer of computers and equipment as well as the services they offer. In this regard, in 2019, the range of services of this company was expanded to fiscalization services. “By introducing fiscalization services, we have diversified our business model and we are satisfied with the expansion of the range. What I can point out is that according to the new regulations in the Federation of BiH related to the field of fiscalization, from January 1, 2021, all business entities will have the obligation to have a fiscal device that will be able to transfer data to the Tax Administration server via 3G network. In addition to the highest quality service, DIR Computers will provide our clients who choose to trust us with the best prices for fiscal devices and fiscalization services “, point out these entrepreneurs from Živinice.

Regarding the reasons for starting this business, Rizah states: “Although I have been in this business since 1998, the idea to start a retail store was born in March 2018. My brother had a store from 2013 and in the beginning of 2018, he decided to close, because according to the existing regulations and legal obstacles, he could not work the service, and he had great demands from customers of that type. So Dino closed the store. I was sorry that five years of his efforts failed, but we continued because we had a developed customer base. “

His brother Dino adds with satisfaction: “The moment I closed the store, I was thinking about leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina and going to Germany with my family, Rizo came up with an idea that I liked and I was glad to continue where I left off. with previous action. My brother is my greatest support and together, we live a job that we both love. In Germany, I could not work with computers, but with simple jobs that were offered to me, so it didn’t take me long to be persuaded to stay in Živinice and try again. ” His family remained in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country they prefer to Germany.

While thinking about starting a shop and service, Rizah and Dino learned about the possibility of participating in the YEP incubator of business ideas, which in 2018, in the city of Živinice, jointly launched the Youth Employment Project (YEP), which is implemented with the support of the Swiss Agency for development and cooperation (SDC) and the City of Zivinice. Through the incubator, these young entrepreneurs received professional and financial support in starting and developing their business.

The COVID 19 pandemic has left a negative impact on this business as well, but with entrepreneurial proactivity and perseverance, the Đulović brothers continue to expand and expand the range of services and products.

To all those who want to start a business in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they say: “All young people who aspire to start a private business, must be aware that the beginning is not easy, there were many sleepless nights, young people must put a lot of effort and it will come back safe. It’s not great “out there either,” as the saying goes. With commitment and dedication, quality and serious work, in our country you can earn well and live well. Wherever you go, you are a stranger. It’s the most beautiful here. “

If you need a quality computer and computer equipment, but also computer services and computer equipment as well as fiscalization, you can contact the team from DIR Computers at:

DIR Computers web:

DIR Computers FB:

Phone: 00 387 63 642 000 and 063 004 148

Let us also recall the promo video of this business, made as part of the professional support for businesses from the YEP business idea incubator.

The Youth Employment Project (YEP), supported by the Government of Switzerland in partnership with more than 30 local communities (municipalities, cities and cantons), has developed a business development program called the YEP Business Ideas Incubator. Within the YEP business idea incubator, over 100 businesses were launched in 2018 alone. The IMPAKT Investment Foundation continues to support young entrepreneurs.