YEP incubator of business ideas: FooDish domestic products available online and soon on market shelves

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FooDish d.o.o. The company was founded at the end of 2019 by two young entrepreneurs Leila Šeta and Emina Čatić. This business venture offers chicken and beef stock, ie soup bases, natural enhancers of every cooked dish, without artificial additives.

As these two entrepreneurs point out, the idea of starting the business of FooDish d.o.o. and the production of beef and chicken stock, arose from its own need for a simple, fast, natural and healthy solution that will make everyday life easier and better. Emina and Leila were united by their love for food, home-made recipes and quality food. FooDish is the fruit of their joint work, investment of love, patience, knowledge, tolerance and most of all a common vision.

FooDish d.o.o. with its products of natural beef and chicken stock enters the market of the city of Sarajevo with a unique innovative product. Guided by the trends of a healthy lifestyle, and the trend of a healthy diet that has been constantly increasing in the last 5 years in the world in general, Foodish believes that it is their products that can find potential customers. Foundation products in the last 3 years have recorded significant sales growth in Turkey, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the United States and many other countries. Also, there is an increasing trend in the world of sales of products that do not need to be kept in refrigeration equipment. All this led to the realization of the business idea of establishing Foodish d.o.o.

In the process of thinking about the realization of the business idea, Leila Šeta and Emina Čatić decided to apply for the SBF start up challenge, competition of (university) teams and business ideas evaluated by an expert jury, where selected participants compete in a TV show and the winners of each show were were awarded from the secured prize fund BBI, the Youth Employment Project (YEP), TV Hayat and partners. After being selected to participate in the 5th show of the second cycle, these two entrepreneurs won and thus gained access to the prize fund that helped them start and develop their business.

As part of the support received from the Youth Employment Project (YEP), which is implemented with the support of the Government of Switzerland, in addition to non-refundable financial support, entrepreneurs from Foodish company also gained access to entrepreneurial training in business plan and business model. provided by Studio GD48, also, a business from YEP business idea incubator. In the conditions of the COVID 19 pandemic, this agency offered free photography of business products from the YEP Business Ideas Incubator. This is part of the beginning of promotional activities that the entrepreneurs from the Foodish company started on July 25th.

If you want to try FooDish products but also establish cooperation with this company, you can find more information at:

FooDish web:

FooDish FB:

FooDish Insta:

The Youth Employment Project (YEP), supported by the Government of Switzerland in partnership with more than 30 local communities (municipalities, cities and cantons), has developed a business development program called the YEP Business Ideas Incubator. Within the YEP business idea incubator, over 100 businesses were launched in 2018 alone. The IMPAKT Investment Foundation continues to support young entrepreneurs.