YEP incubator of business ideas: Products “From the heart of Semberija” in the function of strengthening immunity and human health

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In conditions of the need to strengthen the immunity, fruits and vegetables are of exceptional importance. Sauerkraut is known to strengthen immunity, improve digestion and reduce stress. In addition to being used for traditional food preparation, especially sarma, sauerkraut is gaining in importance in strengthening immunity. The most delicious cabbage comes from the heart of Semberija. It has been known since ancient times that cabbage is the trademark of Semberija, and sarma, they say, is the best of Bijeljina cabbage. This vegetable is very specific due to the large amount of cellulose and sugar, and apart from the fact that cabbage is a delicious vegetable, when fresh, it is also very good for pickling.

Commercial agricultural farm “Nikola Stajić” from Velika Obarska near Bijeljina, is engaged in primary agricultural production, processing and packaging of cabbage, as well as production and demonstration experiments and service packaging. Its owner Nikola Stajić is proud of its origin and tradition of this area.

“I was born and raised in Semberija, cabbage is innate to us (laughs). It is the center of agricultural production. From the earliest childhood memories, my family has been involved in agriculture and planting different crops, and when I chose college, the decision definitely fell on the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, where I graduated in plant protection. After graduating, I did a job for two years that I was educated for and that I love, but I was raising money and waiting for the opportunity to invest in my own production. Now, after two years of active work and business development, I expect to work and produce at full capacity next year “, Nikola begins his story.

“We are currently making sauerkraut – head, grated and leaf. We have a specific way of production. From the very beginning, feeding and feeding the plant, we use the latest technologies. We process exclusively our raw material, cabbage that grows in our fields. Our cabbage “From the heart of Semberija” is the tastiest because in the previous two years we tested about 30 varieties of cabbage, we all grew and pickled them ourselves and gave them to a test group of people, who had the task to choose the best and tastiest. So we chose two types of cabbage, which suit our taste and appearance. The special feature of our offer is brine, without preservatives, and it is a product that we will further improve and especially promote “, Nikola points out.

The COVID 19 pandemic also had a negative impact on this business venture, but Nikola and his family are trying to successfully overcome the obstacles that, above all, relate to reducing the demand for this type of product.

“In the past, we have tried to expand our distribution channels, in order to reach as many customers as possible. So today you can find our products in EKO markets in Bijeljina, Fortuna markets, KORT, and we are in negotiations with TROPIK markets and Bingo markets to enter their stores “, says Nikola.

KPG Nikola Stajić is a business venture that is professionally and financially supported within the YEP incubator of business ideas which, in 2018, in the city of Bijeljina was jointly launched by the Youth Employment Project (YEP) which is implemented with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation ( SDC) and the City of Bijeljina.

You can contact KPG Stajić via profile on social networks:

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Let us also remind ourselves of the promo video of this business, made as part of the professional support for businesses from the YEP business idea incubator.

The Youth Employment Project (YEP), supported by the Government of Switzerland in partnership with more than 30 local communities (municipalities, cities and cantons), has developed a business development program called the YEP Business Ideas Incubator. Within the YEP business idea incubator, over 100 businesses were launched in 2018 alone. The IMPAKT Investment Foundation continues to support young entrepreneurs.