If you don't have an idea, don't worry, by the end of the training, a handful of ideas will be born.

Submission of business ideas to the Public Call for participation in the IMPAKT Incubator of business ideas in cooperation with the local community.

Is the "problem" in analyzing the feasibility of the idea, researching the market and accordingly creating a marketing strategy? Need practical tips for social media management? How to tell all of the above in financial language and in the end be satisfied with the margin? We will adapt all that and much more to your business and your needs.

The Impakt investment foundation conducts two-month training according to a specially developed methodology that includes 9 training modules and continuous professional and mentoring support in the development of a business plan, business model and financial projections.


We have prepared useful exercises for gaining self-confidence during a public presentation.

Participants who have successfully completed entrepreneurial training and developed a business plan and business model present their idea before an expert committee that determines whether the business venture will receive professional, mentoring and financial support.


The key is to have someone available 24/7 for any question, advice or support.

In this phase, the expert staff of the Impakt Investment Foundation provides professional and mentoring support and leads business ventures to the use of financial resources. The biggest challenge for young entrepreneurial ideas is access to capital.
Finances are the lifeblood of every company, and especially for start-ups, they are crucial. Therefore, the intention of the Investment Foundation is to provide financial support with which the business venture will improve operations and bring permanent funds into the company. By signing the Contract with the foundation, entrepreneurs undertake to assume responsibility for maintaining the business venture and/or hiring new employees.

promotion and

We will do everything to spread the word about your business and products/services far and wide!

After the registration of business ventures or the growth of the company, there is promotional support that aims to place businesses on the market as success stories and make them available to end consumers and clients. Through regular communication with entrepreneurs, the Impakt Investment Foundation strives to prepare innovative solutions that will promote not only business ventures, but also entrepreneurship in general, which can generate new values ​​in society. Also, we open up new perspectives and opportunities by connecting entrepreneurs within and outside the sector.