Cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Tuzla Canton continues with full intensity!

Today’s signing of the contract marks an important step forward in the partnership between our organization, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Tuzla Canton, 13 local communities and the TK Employment Service. This cooperation brings new opportunities for development and prosperity throughout the canton, and is an example of how to approach the development of entrepreneurship.

The Government of Tuzla Canton recognized our commitment and potential, and with their support we are convinced that we will act even more strongly in creating positive changes and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit.

The focus of this cooperation is not only the implementation of the program, but joint work on creating opportunities that will enable young people to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. So far, more than 100 young people have received support through our program, and we are convinced that there will be great interest this time as well.

With the support of the Tuzla Canton Government, local communities and employment services, we provide the platform, support and resources needed by young people to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

We expect the publication of the Public Call by the end of the week, with the second part planned for the autumn cycle. Get ready for the IMPAKT incubator of business ideas!

Please note that research on the development of entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina is being conducted by the Impakt Investment Foundation.