Impakt Investment Foundation conducts research on the development of entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Impakt investment foundation launched a comprehensive research on the development of entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the focus is on companies and trades that were founded in the last three years (January 1, 2021-December 31, 2023).

The goal of this research is a deeper understanding of the context in which entrepreneurs operate, identification of the support they need for the establishment, development and sustainability of business, and recognition of the system infrastructure that can improve the business environment.

“Collected data will not only benefit the business community, but will also be useful in academic research. This is our contribution to a broader understanding of the economic situation and the needs of entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the analysis will be able to serve as a basis for changes in the legal and regulatory framework to facilitate the business of new entrepreneurs,” said the Impakt Investment Foundation.

The research will provide data on the involvement of the diaspora and the impact of international investments and the diaspora on local economic development. Also, the analysis will show the availability of financial resources and access to capital for new business entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The analysis will show, among other things, the motives for establishing new business entities, what are the administrative obstacles and processes when establishing a business entity, and identify areas where reforms are needed to facilitate the establishment of new companies. Through the analysis, we will also show the challenges faced by business entities when finding qualified personnel, as well as the identification of the necessary skills and training and support programs for entrepreneurs, in order to increase their competitiveness and success on the market

It is important to point out that the research is completely anonymous and that all collected data will be treated confidentially. For all interested business entities who want to contribute to the research, they can access the questionnaire at the link:

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