Secure support for BiH. entrepreneurs: Memorandum of Understanding between Impakt Investment Foundation and ProCredit Bank BiH signed

Impakt Investment foundation and ProCredit Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina signed, on April 25, 2023, in Sarajevo, a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of developing support for entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a result of the cooperation, ProCredit Bank created a separate credit line for the participants of the IMPAKT incubator of business ideas, providing support to business entities that have at least six months of successful operations.

“Small business are key to the growth and development of the community, and the banking sector should be a lever of support for that development. We from the Impakt Investment Foundation are proud of this partnership and cooperation, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to provide additional assistance in the form of this credit line” – said Senajid Đozo, Executive Director of the Impakt Investment Foundation.

Entrepreneurs are key to the development of any economy, including that of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are drivers of economic development, create new jobs, innovate and increase competitiveness on the market. Small and medium-sized enterprises, which are most often run by entrepreneurs, make up the majority of business entities in BiH and represent the basis of economic activity in the country. In addition, entrepreneurs are also generators of innovative ideas and solutions that improve society and the quality of life, either through technological achievements or socially useful projects. Therefore, it is extremely important to support entrepreneurs, especially those who are just at the beginning of their business journey. This is exactly what the Impakt Investment Foundation and ProCredit Bank BiH are doing through their cooperation, providing financial support and educational activities with the aim of strengthening business capacities and increasing the competitiveness of the Bosnian economy.

In addition to the credit line, ProCredit Bank will hold a series of informative workshops and presentations on topics relevant to financial literacy and the use of banking services for the participants of the IMPAKT incubator of business ideas.