Entrepreneur Hidajeta Ibrak – Zdravo Hidajeta Novi Grad Sarajevo municipality

‘Whether you want to do farming or some other business, you need to take it seriously, be devoted and hard-working. One can accomplish their goal if they invest their time and energy.’

The healthiest fruit and vegetables in Sarajevo produced by Hidajeta and her family

‘Zdravo Hidajeta’ is a family business involved in farming – more precisely, organic production of fruit and vegetables as well as growing and sale of seedlings. Ms Hidajeta Ibrak came to this idea from sheer necessity, as one of her daughters had to take only organic products because of her condition. Knowing that the offer of such products is very poor in Sarajevo, Hidajeta decided to seed some vegetables although she knew nothing about farming at the time. However, she got into contact with agronomists and soon learnt what was necessary to start organic production so she decided to buy some land and the necessary farming machinery.

In the beginning, the most difficult thing was to learn what is necessary for organic farming and get a greenhouse. YEP Incubator was a great support to the Ibrak family both through funding and training and mentorship in creating a business plan and other segments necessary for running a business successfully.

Owing to persistence and perseverance, as well as the support through YEP Incubator, ‘Zdravo Hidajeta’ now has three greenhouses for growing different cultures and farming machines and processing fruit and vegetables.