Entrepreneur Maja Terzić – Private speech therapy practice LOGOVOX Novi Grad Sarajevo

‘The wish and effort are the paths leading to success. I have accomplished my goal by keeping only to these paths. My goal is my success, and this is Logovox.’

‘Logovox’ helps correct pronunciation

Private speech therapy practice LOGOVOX, owned by 27-year-old Maja Terzić provides assistance to children and adults with problems with speech, letters, understanding language and all forms of communication. Maja’s effort and work with children with speech problems contributes their social inclusion, reduces the feeling of separation and contributes to better results at school. The majority of her patients are children, but adults also come very often.

‘We work on understanding and encouraging speech activities to make the speech as understandable as possible. At the age of five or so, our children should be able to pronounce all the thirty sounds of the mother tongue clearly and correctly. We involve children into communication and develop the dialogue with them. Looking at drawings I give them, they make a story about what they see. Of course, we work individually and the number of visits to a speech therapist depends on whether understanding or speech or both are damaged. It takes years sometimes, but several months for easier cases. It depends on the parents’ and children’s dedication. Kids can learn how to pronounce and use the sounds ‘l’, ‘ć’ or ‘č’, Maja explains.

After she finished her internship at the Military Medical Academy, the young women from Belgrade worked shortly in the position related to hearing disorders and hearing aids. She then meets a young man from Sarajevo, falls in love and moves to Bosnia and Herzegovina. When she came, the crucial thing was to find a job.

After half a year of market research, I realized there was the need form my job. That really encouraged me to make the endeavour and start the private practice’, Maja says. Meanwhile, her professional story found a support by YEP Incubator, where she got all the necessary skills to start a business and the necesary funding.

In the forthcoming period, Maja plans to modernize her job and purschase some additional modern devices, headphones and mixing consoles but also digital computer solutions that would make her work easier and more interesting to children.