Entrepreneur Sabina Krivdić – PP Malinica Visoko municipality

‘The decision to start my own business has relieved me from stress and made me happy more than any other job so far. Everybody should do what they are interested in most.’

A woman from Visoko involved in agricultural production makes delicious mixtures with honey

Agricultural production ‘Malinica’ (little raspberry) has been present in the Bosnia and Herzegovina market for several years now. The production is based in the town of Visoko, and a new line of product has been offered now. It is honey of different tastes and in different mixtures.

The founder, alpha and omega of the agricultural production in ‘Malinica’ is Sabina Krivdić, a Bosnian language editor and former reporter. As a reporter, she attended promotions of agricultural products and got very interested in this topic. According to her, she did not do any farming before. Investigating agricultural production, she realized that this industry received far more incentives, the taxes were lower and, generally, there were more benefits for farmers than other entrepreneurs. The result was the registration of her first business, named ‘Malinica’, in 2016.

As she harvested first crops, she decided to make raspberry liqueur, so she purchased a small distillery. When Sabina learnt about YEP Incubator, she came up with the idea to apply with the new line of products i.e. honey mixtures. Sabina has developed the idea, hired a friend of hers to deal with sales, promotion and product distribution organisation. Given that she has experience in similar jobs, she runs a web shop and distribution, while Sabina is in charge of production. Sabina knows that the food market is really huge, which allows the business to expand. Sabina says that the decision to start her own business relieved her from stress and made her happy more than any previous job. Her message is that everybody should do what they are interested in most.