IMPAKT incubator of business ideas

IMPAKT incubator of business ideas represents a comprehensive program of incubation of business ideas, i.e. support for the realization of business ideas and consists of:

  1. Entrepreneurial training lasting 6 days in a maximum period of 2 months focused on the development of a business plan and business model and strengthening of entrepreneurial skills, during which training participants have continuous professional and mentoring support from trainers in the creation of tasks and the final creation of a business plan and business model .
  2. Preparation and implementation of the presentation of business ideas before the expert committee for the evaluation of business plans and business models.
  3. Grants of non-refundable financial support for the best positively evaluated business ventures, in accordance with the available financial means to support entrepreneurs.
  4. Professional and mentoring support in the further growth and development of the business in accordance with the assessed needs.

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