Welcome to the Future 2.0 – Announcement

Dear All,

The population in Bosnia and Herzegovina is aging, 1,000 fewer babies are born every year, which negatively affects society and the planned economic growth. Unemployment, low living standards and lack of prospects have encouraged the emigration of young and qualified labor force from Bosnia and Herzegovina. More than half a million people have left Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last 10 years. One employee carries the burden of one pensioner and another unemployed person, and we are at the bottom of the ranking (184th place out of 190) when it comes to starting a business.

If we do not support the development of entrepreneurship, entire cities will disappear. We will become a country of old people who will neither produce nor buy anything.

We will remember last year for the great results we achieved in the field of entrepreneurship development in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we are extremely proud of the fact that we organized the first Scale Up pitch Welcome to the Future, an event that promoted entrepreneurship as the future.

Entrepreneurship is the future, and it is the bright future of our homeland, and each individual entrepreneurial story is strong in its own way, but only with the right support of the community does it become part of a larger whole that leads us into the future. Ten of them delighted the audience and the committee with their brilliant and entertaining presentations, and they were supported and motivated on stage by our regional and Bosnian actor Enis Bešlagić. The event was visited by over 150 people, and access was enabled via live stream, and the campaign had a reach of over 1 million via social networks. You can see how it was at the event in the short announcement, in the photo gallery, and on the shows that we subsequently produced and broadcast on Hayat TV (Emission 1, Emission 2).

Investment foundation Impakt is organizing a two-day entrepreneurial event “Welcome to the Future 2.0”, which will be held on 22-23. November in the youth center in Sarajevo.

Business Arena – November 22, 2023 – is dedicated to educational lectures by industry experts, where visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends, learn invaluable business strategies and network.

Pitch Arena – November 23, 2023 – Scale Up Pitch where 8 entrepreneurs of the IMPAKT business idea incubator will present their ideas for improving their business ventures.

We don’t dream the future, we create it!

Everyone is welcome to the future!

Everyone is welcome to the future!

Join us at “Welcome to the Future 2.0” and become part of a movement where ideas turn into reality.

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