“Welcome to the Future” – event announcement

The future of Bosnia and Herzegovina lies in small, self-sustaining, business ventures and building a strong entrepreneurial eco-system. The Impakt investment foundation, with the desire to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is organizing a unique event on December 7th, 2022 at the Dom mladih in Sarajevo, where it will be shown that it is really possible to run a successful business regardless of all the difficulties and challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

The event is called “Welcome to The Future”, which is essentially a Scale Up pitch where 10 business ventures will present their ideas, and the three best ones will receive financial support in the amount of 10,000 KM, 6,000 KM and 4,000 KM.

Business ventures, supported through the IMPAKT incubator of business ideas, that will be presented at the event:

“The event is designed to promote the success stories of small entrepreneurs and to provide a completely different experience to visitors. Entrepreneurship will be presented in a fun and innovative way with plenty of surprises and unexpected moments, and we are sure that this will be an event that will be talked about for a long time,” – say the Impakt Investment Foundation.

In the coming period, we will present the participants, and the event itself will be by invitation only. For those who do not receive an invitation, they can follow the event via a live stream on the social networks of the Impakt Investment Foundation.

Partners, sponsors and friends of the event are:

Ministary of Economi Canton Sarajevo

Bh Telecom

ProCredit Bank


Via Media

Center for Promotion of Sustainable Development


Sarajevo City Centar

Unija Ads

Hotel Garni Konak

Media sponsors and friends:

Radio Stari Grad

Antena Sarajevo


Promo video of the event

More info on Facebook Investicijske fondacije Impakt

We create the future.

We are creating new value where ideas become reality, where skills are everything and failure is not an option.

On December 7, everyone is welcome to the future!